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Tri-bite trays

High Composite Plastic and Single Use Metal Dental Trays

Maximises Material Use, Eliminates Distortion, Reduces Remakes, Saves Time and Money

Tri-Bite® Trays are disposable impression trays designed for the triple-tray or closed-mouth technique that allows for master and opposing arch impressions as well as bite registration in one procedure. They feature rigid plastic sidewalls, a flexible interocclusal mesh and large occlusal plan widths.

The "triple tray" or "closed mouth" technique allows the user to simultaneously obtain the master and opposing arch impressions along with the bite registration, all in one procedure, thus saving time and providing excellent clinical results.

Why you should be using Tri-Bite trays

Practice building Patients usually do not gag when using Tri-Bite

Chair Time saving as you take upper and lower arches at the same time.

Easier for you  

Tri-Bite does not need the dentist to hold the tray in place.

Tri-Bite’s large occlusal plane and bite plane handle allows accurate interoral positioning.

The rigid side walls ensure the impression has minimal distortion.

Tri-Bite’s flexible interocclusal mesh easily adapts to the dentition when the patient closes.

Free bite registration  You capture the bite and occlusion at the same time with  this technique.

These can be found in many suppliers catalogues. However if you prefer to order direct please

Posterior Adult and

Child available


Full Arch Adult and

Child available

¾ tray

Sideless posterior and anterior

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